Please note that these rules are all about monitoring yourself.

  • When editing a page that someone else has created, only add, don't subtract.
    • If you must take something down, you must put two new things up.
  • When creating a nation, federation, country, etc, observe these rules:
    • Your nation must have a history, and it must sync up with the rest of Fazias History.
    • Your nation needs a name (Obviously).
    • Your nation needs a spot on the political map. However, it should only take up a small portion of the map.
    • Be realistic. Did your nation really develop nuclear weapons thousands of years before anybody else? Didn't think so.
    • Lastly , your nation needs a leader. You. NEVER, EVER, create a nation in Fazia and leave it unnatended. Update it realistically and frequently.
  • Use Punctuation.
    • Do: Jacques de la Frieda was born in 1978, on the North Shores of Alaheim.
    • Don't: jacques was born in 1978 on the north sh0res of alaheim lol
  • Finally, just don't be an asshole. If you think your behavior qualifies as being an asshole, don't do it.

Anyone who is found in defiance of these rules will permanently have their IP address banned from the site, meaning you will be banished forever from Fazia.

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