USS Fearless
Excelsior Class

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Captain's Log, USS Fearless NCC-14598

Captain Jackford B. Kolk Reporting:

Mission Zero

Trials by Maru

  • Spacedock, Deep Space 4
  • Stardates 73273.7-73276.4

Lietuenant Junior Grade Mulder, my preliminary candidate for First Officer, entered the holodeck for an unannounced Kobayashi Maru test. He retrieved a Romulan phase-cloaking device from Veridian IV just prior to an attack by the Romulans. When he arrived on the bridge he found myself, Captain Kolk, killed. Significant damage was sustained to the ship, and the Romulans demanded the Fearless' surrender. Mr. Mulder attempted to call the Romulans' bluff before he had all the facts, and before he understood the nature of the enemy. He beamed down to an alien planet without sufficient safety measures, leading to his death and the destruction of the Fearless, not to mention the fact that he caused Romulans to bombard a pre-warp planet merely 20-kilometers from an indigenous settlement. Needless to say, he failed his Kobayashi Maru.

In view of Lt. J.G. Mulder's performance on the test, I have chosen to transfer him to Chief Tactical Officer, and I am making Lt. Velora my First Officer. I expect her to serve well, given her... experience with the Romulan Empire; she should be perfect for our mission. Consequently, I decided I should run her through the same test, to make sure she is truly ready for command. I was very pleased with how she handled the situation. She dealt with the Romulan Commander very diplomatically and I have no doubt that she will use the resources at her disposal very effectively to determine the Romulans' motive for planting the interphase generator on the planet as well as use that knowledge to keep the planet's development from being severely disturbed, thus upholding the Prime Directive--something Mr. Mulder failed to take into consideration at all--once the test is resumed. She discovered that the interphase generator was powered by an interphasic organism and that the Romulans were using the phasing-cloak to spy on two indigenous settlements. She sent an away team to investigate, however the simulation was disrupted by an urgent message from Admiral Janeway. We had a rescue mission to attend to immediately, and I had to tell my wife that dinner would have to wait...

Mission One:

Shadows of the Guardian

  • T'Met IV, Glintara Sector
  • Stardates 73276.5-Present

We were ordered to T'Met IV, a planet with very little apparent importance to the Romulan Empire to investigate the disappearance of the Federation ambassador to that world, Ambassador Sokath Gishtan. The ambassador had reported several unsolved disappearances in the capital city of Galan Rrhiol before his own, and political tensions seem to have been rising there in recent months. As we approached the Neutral Zone, my Chief Engineer informed me that our cloaking device had yet to be found, much less installed. Luckily, however, with only 30 minutes to spare, a young Engineer, Ensign Justin Mays I believe, found it and Lt. J.G. Cobra was able to install it before we could be detected entering the Zone.

Myself, my CMO, my CoS and a small strike team were surgically altered to look like Romulans. Once the operations were complete, I took the remainer of our travel time to complete Lt. Velora's test. As is common, the Fearless was lost in the line of duty, but, impressively, she also managed to destroy one of the Romulan Warbirds attacking her and both phase-cloaking devices. Her solution more than showed her ingenuity and her commitment to Starfleet and the Federation. Therefore, I will submit the results of her test to Starfleet Command at the earliest opportunity and have already promoted her to the rank of Lietuenant Commander.

With Velora in command of the Fearless, my away team and I set off for the surface of the planet in one of our cloakable Type-11 shuttles, the USS Unity.

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