SuperMalechi (talk) 17:07, July 10, 2014 (UTC)


What if Disney had rights for Nickelodeon and had home video rights for "CatDog"? Here's how it's "Feature Program" should've been:

We see a picture of CatDog with the sign, but the title logo is replaced by the words "FEATURE PROGRAM" in the title font.

Music: The 1991 WDHV logo's jingle.

Here's what the opening to the first two tapes (Together Forever and CatDog vs. The Greasers) should've been:

  1. 1997 Green Warnings
  2. Walt Disney Company intro (1997, seen on the Lady and the Tramp 1998 VHS)
  3. Tarzan teaser trailer
  4. Toy Story 2 teaser trailer
  5. Coming to Video bumper
  6. Rugrats Videos promo
  7. Blue's Clues videos promo
  8. Little Bear videos promo
  9. Alice in Wonderland / Robin Hood trailer
  10. Madeline Lost in Paris trailer
  11. this Feature Program logo
  12. Nickelodeon Montage bumper
  13. CatDog intro

NOTE: CatDog and Nickelodeon are made by Paramount, not Disney.


  • BarneySeason1-3Fan: a Good job making this logo. Though CatDog is not made by Disney, but Nickelodeon, it should've been that.

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