is a special tv of the Best Greatest Award Become from 2007 Wedding Guest of the Year World Delightful Children's Cake for...Father from Become K.N.D..


Father (Leader)

Lady Tremaine Anastasia Drizella Lucifer Pom-Pom Eye Guy Snizard Dramole Grumble Bee Soccadillo Saliguana Robogoat Invenusable Flytrap Vulturus Bullox Ghouligan Body Switcher Rocket Man Cataclaws LottaMuggs Unctuous Firecat Haunted Mask Slappy Mary Ellen Morticon Koragg Josie Penny Darkar The Trix Shredder Hun Baxter Dr. Eggman Dark Oak Black Narcissus Pale Bay Leaf Yellow Zelkova Gramma Stuffum Common Cold Count Spankulot Stickybeard Knightbrace Toiletnator Delightful Children Cobra Commander Baroness Megatron Him Mojo-Jojo Venom Sandman Mr. Swackhammer Monstars King Goobot Nita Nora K. Rool Bowser and Ganondorf.

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