Federation of Free Systems

When the Second Federation fell, the Free Worlds was one of the major rebel groups based in the outer rim that helped cause it. With most Jump-capable ships destroyed in the fighting, and the jumpgates falling with the 2nd Federation, the Free Worlds ended up with something that most other planets lacked, a set of Cartographic Crystals for their ships' Allied Masternav. This allowed them to be able to jump between each others' worlds while not having to make long calculations needed for jumps.

This allowed the small group of planets to work together despite the fall of the jumpgates and ansible. Each of the 5 systems in the region were given one crystal for safe keeping so that as long as they all had jump-capable ships they couldn't be cut off from each other. The largest 4 jumpships were given the last of the crystals and were used as the message service/delivery service and trade convoys for the whole group of systems.

Over the centuries, 3 of the ships were lost. Only 1 now went between the systems, carrying multiple other ships in piggyback so that more could be transported in each jump. All the systems were afraid of losing their claim to power by giving up their crystal, and so none would even try to make duplicates for fear of destroying their only source of power.

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