Feek Picasso is the Main Character from the 2003 Feek's Big Adventures Videogame Saga


  • Feek is based on 3 Humanoid Robots; Funny White Robot (Legs), NAO (Body) & Kirobo (Head)
  • Originally Feek was going to be the Main Antagonist of the Franchise, but it was Discarded because.


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Shatter Robot
  • Faction: Good
  • Profesion: Museum Manager, Super Spy & Picafeeks Crew Leader
  • Age: Unknown (Possibly 22)
  • Personal Color: Yellow
  • Friends: Callie (Girlfriend), Trevor, Frank, Pancho, Emma, Frederick, Mike8-Bit, Cindy, Nancy, Randy
  • Enemies: Lori (Arch-Nemesis), Warlock, Suzzie, Finnlyne, Neo, Michael, Dr. Bonblood, Lewis, Richard, Bruce, Madame Michelle.