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Feet of Fury
Feetoffury boxart
Developer(s) Cryptic Allusion
Publisher(s) The GOAT Store
Designer(s) Dan Potter, Roddy Toomim
Latest version
Release date(s) July 7, 2003
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) 1 to 2 players
Platform(s) Sega Dreamcast
Media CD-ROM
System requirements

Feet of Fury was the first game released by under the GOAT Store Publishing label, as well as the first independently developed Dreamcast game to be commercially released. It resembles Dance Dance Revolution but also allows one player to "attack" another with modifiers like faster arrows.

There is also a keyboard mode called "Typing of Fury".

References in Other Games

In Karaoke Revolution Party, a karaoke-themed video game created by Harmonix and published by Konami, if you get a platinum record (20000 or more) on the sing and dance mode (microphone + dancemat combo) on expert, you get a trophy that says "Feet of Fury". The font that is used in the trophy description is an exact duplicate of the Feet of Fury logo.

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