Felicia McCoy is the titular protagonist of Peter Hannan's Friends Forever, and the love interest of Joe Arthur. She has long brown hair and light blue eyes and has glasses on. Her outfit is composed of: a purple short sleeved shirt, two pink bracelets on her wrists, blue skirt and brown boots. She is voiced by Debi Derryberry (who also did many roles like). At her age, she is 12-years-old.


  • Roberta and Harry McCoy (Parents)
  • Edwin and Darryl McCoy (Brothers)
  • Lenny (Pet Cat)
  • Joe Arthur (Love Interest)
  • Hojo Wong (Rival)


  1. Being nice to Joe Arthur.
  2. Doing her basics
  3. Admiring her memories.


  1. The way Hojo treats her badly
  2. Her encounter with Jordan Pilgrim and his gang of bullies.
  3. Getting into trouble with Principal Doyle

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