The Felucian System was the sight of a huge disaster. In an attempt to create more docile, obediant human life, a secret task force took several million people to the planet of Felucia. There they were experimented on with a gas known as Pax. The result was a massacre. The gas, for unknown reasons, brought out insane levels of agression and the entire population became raging Reavers. Since then they have bred and multiplied onto other planets, establishing a small malignant area known as Felucian Space. While the Reavers have been defeated many times outside of the system, no race has ever dared to invade the Space itself, as untold billions of Reavers lurk there, and there are always more arriving each day.

Reavers lived a hit and run raiding lifestyle for many years, until the coming of Fel. Fel was a psyker, experimented on and given extreme power and ability to control minds. He was spared in the Felucian massacre. now he has exerted his mind control and is shaping the Felucians to become a much more deadly force in the galaxy. As Reavers are sighted in Sith Space, the beginnings of a great eternal war was Stirring.

The Reaver won the battle of nocturne, and then were defeated at Ziost, and Filos.

It was some time after this that Fel liberated the Felucians. he negated the effects of the gas, and revived his entire empire. Now it operates with a grand council of 500 psykers, led by fel. It has taken part in raids on Tauren Yatol during the Great war, but its true strength is as of yet unrealised.

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