1. Alice [From Alice in Wonderland] as Elephant
  2. Minnie Mouse [From Mickey Mouse] as Zebra
  3. Belle [From Beauty and the Beast] as Giraffe
  4. Pingi [From Pingu] as Seal
  5. Aurora [From Sleeping Beauty] as Horse
  6. Amy Rose [From Sonic X] as Dog
  7. Rapunzel [From Tangled] as Cat
  8. Kanga [From Winnie the Pooh] as Duck
  9. Bo Peep [From Toy Story] as Sheep
  10. Viper [From Kung Fu Panda] as Camel
  11. Wendy Tasteburger [From South Park] as Crocodile
  12. Wendy [From Peter Pan] as Frog
  13. De Li [From Waybuloo] as Tortoise
  14. Spinelli [From Recess] as Warthog
  15. Rosalina [From Mario] as Bird
  16. Miss Bianca [From The Rescuers] as Raccoon
  17. Fiona [From Sherk] as Rooster
  18. Ariel [From The Little Mermaid] as Seagull
  19. Lady [From Lady and the Tramp] as Quail
  20. Faline [From Bambi] as Pig
  21. Rosette [From Tinker Bell] as Cow
  22. Penelope Pitstop [From Wacky Races] as Aardvark
  23. Kessie [From Winnie the Pooh] as Eagle
  24. Tiger Lily [From Peter Pan] as Tiger
  25. Blossom [From The Powerpuff Girls] as Cheetah
  26. Silvermist [From Tinker Bell] as Lion
  27. Miss Piggy [From Muppets] as Panther
  28. Megara [From Hercules] as Dolphin
  29. Lady [From Thomas and Friends] as Dodo
  30. Nala [From The Lion King] as Buffalo
  31. Fizz [From Tweenis] as Gopher
  32. Laa-Laa [From Teletubbies] as Braver
  33. Bird on the Tree [From Alice in Wonderland] as Dormouse
  34. Kala [From Tarzan] as Chimpanzee
  35. Po [From Teletubbies] as Owl
  36. Grecthen [From Recess] as Lobster
  37. Olivia [From The Great Mouse Detective] as Anteater
  38. Susan Test [From Johnny Test] as Antelope
  39. Maid Miraim [From Robin Hood] as Bongo
  40. Gloria [From Madagascar] as Lumers
  41. Velma [From Scooby Doo] as Koala
  42. Emily [From Thomas and Friends] as Kiwi
  43. Fawn [From Tinker Bell] as Ibis
  44. Lola Bunny [From Looney Tunes] as Peacock
  45. Fantasy [From The Pagemaster] as Parrot
  46. Lois [From Family Guy] as Otter
  47. Katrina Van Tassel [From The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad] as Ostrich
  48. Princess Odette [From Swan Princess] as Puffin
  49. Sally Acorn [From Sonic the Hedgehog] as Pigeon
  50. Kilala Reno [From Kilala Princess] as Goose
  51. Skeeter [From Muppet Babies] as Bison
  52. Dee Dee [From Dexter's Labrartory] as Shark
  53. Pinga [From Pingu] as Penguin
  54. Jeanette [From Alvin and the Chipmunks] as Chipmunk
  55. Anita [From 101 Dalmatians] as Rhino
  56. Kairi [From Kingdom Hearts] as Reindeer
  57. Petrina Pig [From Looney Tunes] as Booby
  58. Hera [From Hercules] as Wolverine
  59. Dory [From Finding Nemo] as Bat
  60. Darling [From Lady and the Tramp] as Wild Boar
  61. Jasmine [From Aladdin] as Hummingbird
  62. Sally [From Sonic] as Chicken
  63. Chris [From The Brave Little Toaster] as Woodpecker
  64. Dotty [From The Raggy Dolls] as Wolf
  65. Princess Atta [From A Bug's Life] as Vulture
  66. Ma [From The Lion King 3] as Weasel
  67. Anastasia [From Anastasia] as Meerkat
  68. Mrs. Potts [From Beauty and the Beast] as Ox
  69. Anna [From The King and I] as Dragon
  70. Rosie [From Thomas and Friends] as Seahorse
  71. Lilo [From Lilo and Stitch] as Skunk
  72. Piggy [From Muppet Babies] as Jellyfish
  73. Kim Possible [From Kim Possible] as Toucan
  74. Namine [From Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories] as Hornbill
  75. Shenzi [From The Lion King] as Hyena
  76. Cagpig [From 101 Dalmatians] as Guinea Pig
  77. Peppa Pig [From Peppa Pig] as Hamster
  78. Gadget [From Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers] as Mouse
  79. Shelly [From South Park] as Rat
  80. Flora [From Sleeping Beauty] as Fish
  81. Sylvia [From Wander Over Yonder] as Unicorn

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