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  1. Snow White [From Snow White] as Elephant
  2. Alice [From Alice in Wonderland] as Zebra
  3. Kida [From The Atlantis] as Crocodile
  4. Jasmine [From Aladdin] as Parrot
  5. Anastasia [From Anastasia] as Horse
  6. Ariel [From The Little Mermaid] as Giraffe
  7. Rapunzel [From Tangled] as Camel
  8. Thumbelina [From Thumbelina] as Dog
  9. Giselle [From Enchanted] as Cat
  10. Esmeralda [From The Hunchback of Notre Dame] as Frog
  11. Kayley [From Quest For Camelot] as Rhino
  12. Jessie [From Toy Story 2] as Rooster
  13. Rosetta [From Tinkerbell] as Cow
  14. Tiger Lily [From Peter Pan] as Tiger
  15. Wendy [From Peter Pan] as Lizard
  16. Minnie Mouse [From Mickey Mouse] as Rabbit
  17. Mulan [From Mulan] as Fox
  18. Viper [From Kung Fu Panda] as Hippo
  19. Barbie [From Toy Story 3] as Monkey
  20. Slivermist [From Tinkerbell] as Lion
  21. Belle [From Beauty and the Beast] as Owl
  22. Amy Rose [From Sonic X] as Snail
  23. Aurora [From Sleeping Beauty] as Flamingo
  24. Katrina Van Tassel [From The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad] as Ostrich
  25. Kairi [From Kingdom Hearts] as Bird
  26. Jane Porter [From Tarzan] as Gorilla
  27. Blossom [From The Powerpuff Girls] as Dragon
  28. Susan Test [From Johnny Test] as Wildebeest
  29. Kilala Reno [From Kilala Princess] as Cheetah
  30. Birdwell [From Kronk's New Groove] as Kangaroo
  31. Olivia [from The Great Mouse Detective] as Anteater
  32. Namine [From Kingdom Hearts] as Antelope
  33. Lilo [From Lilo and Stitch] as Walrus

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