1. Snow White [From Snow White] as Crysta
  2. Daphne [From Scooby Doo] as Alice
  3. Princess Eilonwy [From The Black Cauldron] as Wendy
  4. Kayley [From Quest for Camelot] as Ariel
  5. Pocahontas [From Pocahontas] as Mulan
  6. Alice [From Alice in Wonderland] as Aurora
  7. Megara [From Hercules] as Belle
  8. Chel [From The Road to El Dorado] as Pocahontas
  9. Princess Jasmine [From Aladdin] as Snow White
  10. Shanti [From The Jungle Book] as Esmeralda
  11. Rapunzel [From Tangled] as Cinderella
  12. Giselle [From Enchanted] as Thumbelina
  13. Belle [From Beauty and the Beast] as Jane
  14. Mulan [From Mulan] as Tiana
  15. Esmeralda [From The Hunchback of Notre Dame] as Jasmine
  16. Ariel [From The Little Mermaid] as Megara
  17. Wendy [From Peter Pan] as Zak
  18. Brittany [From Alvin and the Chipmunks] as Batty
  19. Melody [From The Little Mermaid 2 Return to the Sea] as Pips
  20. Penny [From The Rescuers] as Eilonwy
  21. Princess [From The Raggy Dolls] as Lucy
  22. The Blue Fairy [From Pinocchio] as Magi Lune
  23. Jenny [From Oliver and Company] as Crysta's Father
  24. Murtle [From Lilo and Stitch] as Ralph
  25. Spinelli [From Recess] as Tony
  26. Nala [From The Lion King] as Gonnana
  27. Princess Aurora [From Sleeping Beauty] as Pumbaa
  28. Jessica Rabbit [From Who Framed Roger Rabbit] as Uncle Max
  29. Anita [From 101 Dalmatians] as Timon
  30. Charlotte [From The Princess and the Frog] as Ma
  31. Kiara [From The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride] as Stump
  32. Marie [From The Aristocats] as Root
  33. Miss Bianca [From The Rescuers] as Knotty
  34. Dot [From A Bug's Life] as Elder
  35. Velma [From Scooby Doo] as Wart
  36. Kanga [From Winnie the Pooh] as Prince
  37. Tiana [From The Princess and the Frog] as John
  38. Emmy [From Dragon Tales] as Peter Pan
  39. Lilo [From Lilo and Stitch] as Cornlouis
  40. Grecthen [From Recess] as Hercules
  41. Kim Possible [From Kim Possible] as Chaming
  42. Duchess [From The Aristocats] as Phillip
  43. Annie [From The Forgotten Toys] as Adam
  44. Tinker Bell [From Peter Pan] as Aladdin
  45. Dory [From Finding Nemo] as Phonoes
  46. Jessie [From Toy Story 2] as Naveen
  47. Jane [From Tarzan] as Shang
  48. Ma [From The Lion King 3 Hakuna Matata] as Tarzan
  49. Kida [From The Altantis] as Eric
  50. Fiona [From Sherk] as Smith
  51. Wendy [From South Park] as Yeville
  52. Penny [From Bolt] as Tomy
  53. Nanny [From 101 Dalmations] as Roger
  54. Slue Foot Sue [From Pecos Bill] as Richard
  55. Katrina Van Tassel [From The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad] as Rowlf
  56. Kala [From Tarzan] as Gromit the Lizard
  57. Boo [From Monsters Inc] as Water
  58. Celia Mae [From Monsters Inc] as Oil
  59. Lola Bunny [From Looney Tunes] as Horn
  60. Miss Piggy [From Muppets] as Rocky
  61. Darby [From Winnie the Pooh] as Fizzle
  62. Bo Peep [From Toy Story] as Clever
  63. Barbie [From Toy Story 3] as Soil
  64. Janice [From Muppets] as Brunch
  65. The Evil Queen [From Snow White] as Captain Hook
  66. Mother Gospul [From Tangled] as The Evil Queen
  67. Madame Medusa [From The Rescuers] as Queen of Hearts
  68. Roz [From Monsters Inc] as Ratcillie
  69. Yzma [From The Emperor's New Groove] as Jafar
  70. Ursula [From The Little Mermaid] as Hades
  71. Queen of Hearts [From Alice in Wonderland] as Ursula
  72. Princess Morbucks [From The Powerpuff Girls] as Gaston
  73. Vassana [From The Little Mermaid] as Frollo
  74. Daisy [From Thomas and Friends] as Shan Yu
  75. Elizabeth [From Thomas and Friends] as Malefisent
  76. Eris [From Sinbad] as Lady Tremanie
  77. Cruella De Vil [From 101 Dalmations] as Claydon
  78. Madim Mim [From The Sword in the Stone] as Mr. Toad
  79. Malefisent [From Sleeping Beauty] as Dr. Failier
  80. Sedusa [From The Powerpuff Girls] as Hexess

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