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Version 1

  • Toadette as Kirby (Both pink)
  • Birdo as Tuff
  • Peach as Knuckle Joe
  • Mario as Tiff
  • Toad as Ribbon
  • Yoshi as Honey
  • Wario as Sirica
  • Daisy as Meta Knight
  • Candy Kong as Sir Ebrum
  • Donkey Kong as Lady Like
  • Breezie (from Sonic) as King Dedede

Version 2

  • Peach as Kirby (Both pink)
  • Mario as Tiff
  • Birdo as Tuff
  • Yoshi as Honey
  • Daisy as Knuckle Joe
  • Luigi as Sirica
  • Wendy O. Koopa as King Dedede
  • and more

Version 3

  • Birdo as Kirby
  • Yoshi as Tiff
  • Princess Rosalina as Tuff
  • Princess Daisy as Meta Knight
  • Princess Peach as Iroo
  • Toadette as Spikehead
  • Toad as Honey
  • Cackletta as King Dedede
  • and more

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