• Amy as Flik
  • Sonic as Princess Atta
  • King Acorn as The Queen
  • Tails as Dot
  • Rouge as Francis
  • Cream as Heimlich
  • Shadow as Rosie
  • Blaze as Dim
  • Sally and Bunnie as Tuck and Roll
  • Sonia as Manny
  • Knuckles as Gypsy
  • Queen Acorn as PT
  • Zeena as Hopper
  • and more

VERSION 2 (This one is entirely female, not just gender roles reversed)

  • Amy as Flik
  • Cream as Dot
  • Sally as Atta
  • Vanilla as The Queen
  • Blaze as Francis
  • Rouge as Rosie
  • Bunnie as Dim
  • Zeena as Hopper
  • Wave as Molt
  • Nega Mother Wisp as Thumper
  • Marine as Tuck
  • Tikal as Roll
  • Shade as Manny
  • Sonia as PT

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