Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Amy Rose as Toaster
  • Cream as Blanky
  • Cosmo as Radio
  • Tikal as Lampy
  • Rouge as Kirby
  • Blaze as Air Conditioner
  • Breezie as The Evil Clown
  • Sonic as Maisie
  • Knuckles as Chris
  • Sally as Rob

Version 2 (By Miru96)

  • Amy as Toaster
  • Blaze as Kirby
  • Cream as Blanky
  • Rouge as Lampy
  • Marine as Radio
  • Shade as the Air Conditioner
  • Breezie as Peter Lorre Lamp
  • Wave as the Purple Modern Lamp
  • Fiona Fox as the Fireman-Clown
  • Conquering Storm as the Magnet
  • Sally as Rob
  • Tikal as TV
  • Various other characters from assorted works of fiction as all the additional appliances

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