Version 1

  • Princess as Baloo
  • Bubbles as Mowgli
  • Mrs. Potts as Bagharra
  • Lucy as Kaa
  • Sedusa as Shere Khan
  • Femme Fetale as King Louie
  • Maryanna as Flunkey Monkey
  • Princess Morbucks as Colonel Hathi
  • Hi-Fi as Winifred
  • Babette as The Whispering Elephant
  • Nicole as The Chowing Elephant
  • Natasha as 5th Elephant
  • Snake as Elephant with a Smashed Nose After Crash
  • Angelique as Bugler the Elephant
  • Ms. Keane as Battle Damaged Elephant
  • Blossom as Elephant with Silly Grin
  • Buttercup as Elephant with Fly
  • Bunny as Elephant with Hair
  • Annie as Junior
  • Robbers as Monkeys
  • Enchantress, Belle, Sara Bellum and Florrie Fosdyke as Vultures
  • Back to Front as Shanti
  • The Doll as Baby Mowgli

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