• Lisa Simpson (from The Simpsons) as Fanboy
  • Allison Taylor (from The Simpsons) as Chum Chum
  • Sora (from Kingdom Hearts) as Yo (Sora and Yo are both Friendly, Kind-Hearted, Cheerful and Cute)
  • Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter) as Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason (Hermione Granger and Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason are both British Child Wizards, They are both Clever and They are both Wearing Gryffindor Clothing)
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch (from Sabrina: The Animated Series) as Sigmund The Sorcerer
  • Ricochet (from ¡Mucha Lucha!) as Lupe
  • Numbuh 2 (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Nancy Pancy
  • Numbuh 5 (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Michael Johnson
  • Geoff (from Total Drama) as Cher Leader
  • Bridgette (from Total Drama) as Duke
  • Alejandro (from Total Drama) as Francine
  • Scott (from Total Drama) as Marsha
  • Hela Nemo (from Cubix: Robots For Everyone) as Oz
  • Lois Griffin (from Family Guy) as Mr. Hank Mufflin
  • Divatox (from Power Rangers Turbo) as Boog
  • Cree Lincoln (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Lenny
  • Rita Repulsa (from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) as Janitor Poopatine

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