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  • Thomas as Noddy
  • Rosie as Pingu
  • Donald and Douglas as Funnybones
  • Belle as Postman Pat
  • Rusty as Spider
  • Molly as Joshua Jones
  • Percy as Giselle
  • Mavis as Martin
  • Emily as Fireman Sam
  • Madge as Charlie Chalk

Voice Cast:

  • Susan Sheridan - Thomas
  • Carlo Bonomi - Rosie
  • Griff Rhys Jones - Donald and Douglas
  • Ken Barrie - Belle
  • Hibbert Ralph - Rusty
  • George Layton - Molly
  • David Kelly - Percy
  • John Alderton - Emily
  • Michael Williams - Madge


Thomas' Sodor Adventures

  • Thomas and The Broken Bicycle


  • Rosie and Duck at Home


  • The Engine Shop

PostTrain Belle

  • PostTrain Belle's Finding Day


  • Just a Rusty

Molly Jones

  • Haywire

The Tales Of Tooth Engines

  • The Stolen Present

FireTrain Emily

  • Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry-Bot


  • Rosie Goes Fishing

Madge Chalk

  • Caroline's Night Out

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