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  • Toby as Numbuh 5 (Toby and Numbuh 5 are both Wise)
  • Daisy as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Daisy and Heinrich Von Marzipan are both Stubborn)
  • Rebecca (from TT) as King Two Tons Of Candy
  • Troublesome Trucks as Candy Bandits
  • Yzma (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Al Sugarh
  • Emily as Numbuh 1 (Cameo)
  • Mavis as Numbuh 2 (Cameo)
  • Percy as Numbuh 3 (Cameo)
  • Rosie as Numbuh 4 (Cameo)

Voice Cast

  • Cree Summer - Toby
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Daisy, Rebecca and Rosie
  • Rob Paulsen - Yzma
  • Ben Diskin - Emily and Mavis
  • Lauren Tom - Percy


  • Daisy: Guten Tag, mein Toby, So good uf you to join us.
  • Toby: Oh Hello, Daisy-May!
  • Daisy: Mein name is Daisy Von Diesel Railcar!, I zink ve made vat clear, vhen ve last met in Guatemala!
  • Toby: Uh hehe, Yeah, Ah but listen about Guatemala, You see some urgent business came up. and you,
  • Daisy: And you left me holding ze bags uf sacred golden caramels, Chust as ze auzorities arrived!, I vas grounded for ein month.
  • Toby: Oh, I am so sorry to hear that., and I would love to make it up to ya, So why don't ya just give my candy back?, Hehe, I guess not.
  • Daisy: Und vhy is zis candy is so important to you?
  • Toby: I am saving it for a special occasion.
  • Daisy: Ah, So am I Toby, I'm going to use it to unlock ze tomb uf Kveen Rebecca ze Research Vessel.
  • Toby: That's all the sugar is gone to ya head Daisy-May. You know that tomb is cured.
  • Daisy: I don't care about ze superstition, I'm in it for ze candy, Und zat vas vhy Daisy Von Diesel Railcar is ze vorld's greatest engine shunter, not you!
  • Toby: Go suck on the salt lick.
  • Daisy: Ooh, So bitter, Here, Ein payment for your jewel, lets see how long you can survive alone in ze desert on zose, Ach, Und by ze vay, Zat candies zucker-free.
  • Toby: I think I'll make do?
  • Daisy: Nein!, Stop zat!, Ach!, No!, Go Avay!, Huh?, He's gone!, Find Him!, Search everyvhere!, Time for zhis., I ask you for ze sourball in chains, vhen I'll get back!

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