Female Thomas Characters/Fanboy and Chum Chum: Digital Pet Cemetery Parodies-Featuring Emily, Rosie and Thomas

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  • Emily as Fanboy
  • Rosie as Chum Chum
  • Thomas as Yo
  • Madge as Oz
  • Toby as Oz's Mum
  • Judge Judy The Diesel as Janitor Poopatine
  • Martha as Scampers

Voice Cast

  • David Hornsby - Emily
  • Nika Futterman - Rosie
  • Dyana Liu - Thomas
  • Josh Duhamel - Madge
  • Steve Tompkins - Judge Judy The Diesel
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Martha


  • Rosie: I don't think Martha has hatched from her boat egg yet.
  • Thomas: Oh, silly Rosie, Martha is a Yellow Steamroller, See?, All you do is press the buttons to play with her, clean her or feed her. It's so easy. She'll honk to tell you what she needs.
  • Emily: Fear not, Thomas, You can count on us.
  • Thomas: Thanks girls, However, make sure you are take good care of Martha. Otherwise she'll come of the road. Well, see ya.

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