• Emily as Fanboy
  • Rosie as Chum Chum
  • Mavis as Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason
  • Daisy as Sigmund The Sorcerer
  • Madge as Oz

Voice Cast

  • David Hornsby - Emily
  • Nika Futterman - Rosie
  • Jamie Kennedy - Mavis
  • Jeff Glen Bennett - Daisy
  • Josh Duhamel - Madge


  • Madge: It's her!
  • Railway Series Daisy: Wrong, Ze real Daisy is over zere.
  • Madge: It's her!, It's her!
  • Daisy: You've been dazzled by Daisy Ze Sorceress!
  • Madge: Ok, My mind is seriously freaked.
  • Railway Series Daisy: Zank you, zank you, you're too kind.
  • Daisy: Kvit showboating!, Vait for me in ze shed. Now Daisy vill be available for ze signing uf ze DVDs and officially licensed merchan-dazzle.
  • Daisy: Oh, Mavis, Vhat ein great little hovel. So tell me, Vhy did you choose to live in zis shed?
  • Mavis: Yes, Why I did choose such a shabby scrap, Oh, Because it was chosen for me by the young wizdiesels' fellowship grant, Which I won.
  • Daisy: Really?, I happen to be ze chair uf ze young vizdiesels' fellowship board and I don't remember selecting you.

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