• Emily as Mordecai
  • Rosie as Rigby
  • Molly as Benson
  • Elizabeth as Skips
  • Madge as Pops
  • Thomas as Margraet (Thomas & Margraet are both happy & kind & Ther'e both 23 years old)
  • Mavis as High Five Ghost
  • Percy as Eillien (Percy & Eillien are both small)
  • Daisy as Muscle Man
  • Diesel as Starla (Emily can't be Starla because Emily is good & Starla is bad).
  • Mrs. Jenny as Mr. Maellrd
  • Spencer as Susan

Episode Clips & Full Episodes & Songs

  • The Power
  • Work Hard
  • Fist Pump
  • Death Crashes
  • Elizabeth's Birthday
  • Meet Your Hot Dogs
  • Lies & Grilled Delivery

and more

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