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Version 1

  • Lady as Salty
  • Mavis as Claude
  • Bill and Ben as Sophie and Sadie
  • Gordon as Aunt Chovies
  • Emily as Ten Cents
  • Percy as Sunshine
  • Madge as Big Stack
  • Flora as Otis
  • Isobella as Top Hat
  • Caroline as Warrior
  • Molly as Hercules
  • Sir Tophamm Hatt as Captain Starr
  • Rouge (from Sonic) as Zorran
  • Breezie (from Sonic) as Zeebee
  • Bunnie Rabbot (from Sonic) as Zak
  • Princess Sally Acorn (from Sonic) as Zug
  • Amy Rose (from Sonic) as Zip
  • Mrs Percival as Captain Zero
  • Thomas as Lillie
  • Rosie as Grampus
  • Salty as Sally
  • Daisy as Sea Rogue (Sea Rogue is now a villian)

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