Version 1

  • Emily as Bowser Jr.
  • Rosie as toad
  • Molly as Chef PeePee
  • Mavis as Cody
  • Daisy as black yoshi
  • Lady as Joseph
  • Thomas as Emily Coleman
  • Percy as Toadette
  • James as stacy (They are in love with Molly and chef peePee)
  • Duck as Katy

Version 2

  • Rosie as Bowser Jr.
  • Emily as Toad
  • Molly as Jeffy
  • Mavis as Joseph
  • Daisy as Mr. Steinbeck
  • Thomas as Toadette
  • Percy as Emily Coleman
  • James as feebee

Version 3

Emily as Bowser Jr

Rosie as Joseph

Flora as Cody

Flora's Tram Coach as Ken

Daisy as Bowser

Mavis as Chef Pee Pee

Lady as Toad

Thomas as Emily

Percy as Toadette

James as Stacy

Edward as Rosalina

Marion as Mario

Charlie as Feebee

Belle as Chef Poo Poo

Duck as Katy

Lexi as Brooklyn T Guy