• Gwen as Ten Cents (Gwen and Ten Cents are both the Main Protagonists and They are both Reasonable)
  • Leshawna as Big Mac
  • Jasmine as OJ
  • Dakota as Top Hat
  • Lindsay as Warrior
  • Bridgette as Hercules
  • Ella as Sunshine (Ella and Sunshine are both Friendly and Kind-Hearted)
  • Beth as Grampus
  • Anne Maria as Izzy Gomez
  • Trent as Lillie Lightship
  • Harold as Sally Seaplane
  • Samey as Sea Rogue
  • Sky as The Coast Guard
  • Izzy as Billy Shoepack
  • Zoey as The Fire Tug
  • Dawn as Boomer
  • Heather as Zorran
  • Courtney as Zebedee
  • Jo as Zak
  • Scarlett as Zug
  • Sugar as Zip
  • Amy as Bluenose (Amy and Bluenose are both Bossy, Rude, Irredeemable and Remorseless Jerks)
  • Blaineley as Johnny Cuba

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