A Fen Domar

The Fen Domar are native to the planet Domar. The Fen Domar are warm-blooded, reptilian beings covered with scales of various colors. Their blunt, oversized heads ended with a beaked mouths, and their bodies end with muscular tails. They had clawed hands and feet, and strongly-muscled hind legs. They are blind to Seijens, and communicate with each other via a complex series of tweets and whistles. They also have scent tongues which they eject from their nostrils. Each hand has three opposable claws. They all have three eyelids. As a rule, the Fen Domar are highly xenophobic, but were more disgusted by other species than afraid of them. There were at least four races of Fen Domar, based on their coloration. They held to a very rigid code of honor, as well as a strict caste system which was based on skin coloration and patterning. Blue Fen Domar were members of the highest caste, and were the politicians and leaders of their society. Gold-skinned Fen Domar were very rare, and were members of the religious caste. Red Fen Domar were generally stronger than their counterparts, and comprised the military caste. The green-scaled Fen Domar were workers. Brown-scaled Fen Domar were usually the offspring of mixed or unsuccessful breedings, and were often killed at birth. The Fen Domar were also highly religious, as evidenced by the power of the Conclave in governmental decisions. They feared the possibility of dying away from their homeworld, believing that the soul of an individual who died on another world would be lost forever. Thus, the Fen Domar consecrated every world they wanted to colonize, to ensure there was an afterlife for their souls. Legend held that a Fen Domar individual would be born with all colors on their scales, a rainbow-scaled individual known as the Keeramak. The birth of the Keeramak would signal the end of the caste system, allowing the weak and oppressed castes to become leaders.

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