Fen Domar Reptilian

Vorta Female

Fen Domar Primate

The Fen Domar are a humanoid race divided into two species. The Reptilians serve the Fen Domar as soldiers while the Primates serve the Fen Domar as administrators, scientists and diplomats. The Reptilian Fen Domar have an incredibly fast metabolic rate due to modifications made on their genetic structure by the Originals. The Fen Domar Reptilians are bred in birthing chambers and have been known to be placed in stasis chambers until their awakening. Because of this, there are only males in the Fen Domar Reptilian species. A Fen Domar baby is born looking almost mammalian Within a day of maturation, Fen Domar children already have advanced language skills and cognitive reasoning. Adolescent Fen Domar require food for consumption. When they are older they begin to take on a reptilian appearance. Fen Domar Primates have pale skin, violet eyes, and elongated earlobes. The Fen Domar Primates have a sense of hearing greater than that of most other humanoid races, but they have comparatively weak eyesight. Fen Domar Primates are immune to most forms of poison. Most Fen Domar Primates can produce telekinetic blasts capable of knocking an adult human off their feet. In the 1900's there was a great Fen Domar Rebellion, in which 600 Million Fen Domar revolted against their oppressors. The rebellion was crushed in the end, all were placed in ships with the weapon systems disable. Those rebels colonized a Class L planet and their population grew to 12 Billion in twelve settlements. The Fen Domar had enslaved several species, in fact, 70% of the Fen Domars colonies are slave camps. From 2465-2467, the humans raided eighteen of these world, freeing 80,000 people.

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