Promotional picture of Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a Climax logging engine from Misty Island.

Date of Birth

  • February 7, 1995

Date of Death

  • October 31, 2015 (aged 20)


Ferdinand is a gentle giant. He is a bigger and slower engine who is able to make special tweeting sounds with his whistles. He runs on wood and oil and can often be heard saying "that's right".


Ferdinand is based on the Climax Class C logging locomotive with British-style buffers and couplings added to his front and the back of his tender. Bash and Dash



  • Misty Island Rescue

Season 14

  • Thomas's Crazy Day
  • Jumping Jobi Wood
  • Merry Misty Island

Season 15

  • Gordon and Ferdinand
  • Toby and Bash
  • Emily and Dash
  • Happy Hiro
  • Let It Snow
  • Stop That Bus!
  • Tree Trouble

Season 16

  • Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
  • Ho Ho Snowman (mentioned)
  • Welcome Stafford
  • The Christmas Tree Express

Voice Actors


  • Ferdinand's theme is the roll call from the Misty Island Rescue song, which he shares with Bash and Dash.



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