Fergus The Traction Engine
Fergus TTTE 1

Fergus in Bill, Ben and Fergus.

Number 38
Class Traction Engine
Livery Traction Engine
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
Built 1990
Builder Traction Engine
Designers Sir Topham Hatt I and William Stainer
Date to Birth December 10, 1990
Date to Death July 9, 2008
First Appearance Bill, Ben and Fergus
Voice Actors Ben Small
Martin Sherman

Fergus is an Aveling & Porter railway traction engine who mainly works at the cement works and thus calls himself 'The Pride of the Cement Works". He is painted blue-purple with red wheels, and although he vaguely resembles Trevor the Traction Engine, Fergus runs on rails, unlike Trevor. He next appears in Thomas & Friends - Season 19

Fergus knows the Rule Book by heart, and his catchphrase is "Do it right!" His insistence on doing everything absolutely according to the rules can annoy the other engines. However, he is a decent engine at heart and will not hesitate to help other engines who are in trouble. His catchphrase is "Do It Right!"

His flywheel can be hooked up to machinery, and this feature is first seen in the Season 7 episode Salty's Stormy Tale, when he uses it to save a ship from crashing into the rocks by powering the lighthouse lamp generator.

Fergus made his debut in Season 7, but has not been seen or mentioned since this season.


  • Ertl Model
  • Thomas Wooden Railway Model
  • Take-along Model


Fergus' Theme S701:09

Fergus' Theme S7.V1 - Texting MuseScore-2



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