File:2004 - Atomic Betty.jpg

From: My Little Pony

==Date== 1990



  1. The Ocean
  2. Suttery Flying Fruit Bat Batty
  3. Surf Swimming Pool
  4. Rooster and Fruit Bat
  5. Crysta and Batty Is a Surf-Up
  6. The Woodpecker and the Bird
  7. Batty Egypt
  8. Crysta and Batty South African
  9. The Beach
  10. Hawaiian Crysta
  11. Batty and Crysta Hawaii Is Cruise Line
  12. Seagull Flyes
  13. Undersea Hawaii Fishes Crysta and Batty Swimming
  14. Crysta and Batty Hawaiian Song
  15. Hawaii Crysta and Batty is a Derger
  16. Derger's Hawaiian
  17. Batty and Batty Hawaii
  18. Stork in a Boat
  19. Over Journey of Jungle
  20. Crysta and Batty's Island Pirates
  21. Save The Christmas
  22. The Road Trip
  23. Derger's American Adventure

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