1. Zak as Thomas
  2. Dr. Jekyll as Edward
  3. Gonanna as Henry
  4. Adventure as Gordon
  5. Pips as James
  6. Nugget as Percy
  7. Mr. Dewey as Toby
  8. Horror as Duck
  9. Boof and Shasher as Donald and Douglas
  10. Bandy as Oliver
  11. Mr. Hyde as Diesel
  12. Ralph and Tony as Bill and Ben
  13. Whale Hunter as BoCo
  14. Queen of Hearts as Daisy
  15. Magi Lune as Mavis
  16. Richard Tyler as Stepney
  17. Crysta as Emily
  18. Elder as Bertie
  19. Tom Morgan as Salty
  20. George Merry as Harvey
  21. Ock and Rock as Arry and Bert
  22. Humpty Dumpty as Fergus
  23. Jamaican Pirate as Arthur
  24. Fantasy as Lady
  25. Hexess as Diesel 10
  26. Ghost Story as Splattle and Dodge
  27. The Pagemaster as Sir Topham Hatt
  28. Batty as Charlie
  29. Alan Tyler as Murdoch
  30. Clarie Tyler as Molly
  31. Budgie as Rosie
  32. Mac as Spencer
  33. Boss as George
  34. Long John Silver as Cranky
  35. Pirates as Troublesome Trucks
  36. Twig as Coaches
  37. Dragon as Hector
  38. Fairies as The Narrow Engines
  39. Kids as Sidney, Paxton and Norman
  40. Black Goo as The Chinese Dragon
  41. Black Skull as S.C. Ruffey
  42. Mrs. K as Belle
  43. Mr. Chuckles as Whiff
  44. Root as Dennis
  45. Knotty as Neville
  46. Stump as Stanley
  47. Captain as Bulstoude
  48. Whale as Bulgy
  49. Dogs as Smudger
  50. Giant Squid as D261

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