1. Zak Young as Woody
  2. Richard Tyler as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Adventure as Mr. Potato Head
  4. Horror as Slinky Dog
  5. Batty Koda as Rex
  6. Stump as Hamm
  7. Crysta as Bo Peep
  8. Nugget as Wheezy
  9. Budgie as Jessie
  10. Pips as Bullseye
  11. Fantasy as Mrs. Potato Head
  12. Gonnana as R.C.
  13. The Pagemaster as Ken
  14. Magi Lune as Barbie
  15. Mr. Hyde as Prospector
  16. Hexxus as Lotso
  17. Dr. Jekyll as Lenny
  18. Dragon as Evil Emperor Zurg
  19. Root as Robot
  20. Knotty as Snake
  21. Long John Silver as Sarge
  22. Bark as Buttercup
  23. Ralph as Mr. Princklepants
  24. Mac as Al
  25. Boss as Geri

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