Festung is the fourth planet of Odin (Epsilon Iridani) a G2 V yellow dwarf with spectral characteristics similar to the Sun. Festung orbits Odin at a distance of 1.1 AU. A predominately Landmass world where the combined water bodies are 32% of its surface area, much of land masses are mountainous terrain with rich deposits of coal, iron and other minerals. The remainder of the surface area is covered by subtropical savannahs and grasslands.

The planet was discovered by the NASA Origins II Survey in 2082 and was scanned during a fly-by with the Iridani XIII probe in 2212. Festung was an early settlement deeded to Farben-Krupp as a manufactured products colony with the name of Neu Deutschland. The planet was renamed Festung by a Neo-Nazi rebellion that overthrew the Farben-Krupp regime in 3150. Festung was decimated by planet-killer atomics during the Wars of Conquest in 4914.

Astronomical Name

Epsilon Iridani 4

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