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Welcome to the Family Guy ASS Wikia!

Or, "The Family Guy Advanced Scene Search Wikia." Here you can simply search for what happened in the episode you want. You can find an episode by typing anything!

Umm.. I, I-I don't... What?

Ever wanted to see a specific Family Guy episode with a scene you liked, but had no idea what its name was, or what else happened on that episode? I remember myself googling for episodes by the scene keywords, and if I was lucky -- I'd find an episode script with a quote I remembered in it. But sometimes, I had to watch entire episodes on high speed to find what I was looking for.

Well, I had quite enough of that s***!

Search Types

You can basically search however you want. Still, the search will be more effective if you search by one of these methods. Remember though, that in each type you can always add words that might help. For example, if you remember seeing a statue in that episode, add "statue". It will help remove similar episodes.

By the way, I don't think quotation marks do anything.

"The One Where Lois Sings" Search

Rings a bell? You ain't crazy. Another hilarious TV comedy, "Friends", used this format when they gave their episodes names. Quite genius, really (Friends Episode List). If you want the episode where, like the example, lois sings -- just search for it! Simply exclude the "The One Where" part, keep the time in present-progressive, and remove any small insignificant words.
Example: lois singing.
Complex Example: Instead of "Stewie spits in Meg's mouth while she sleeps", search for "Stewie spitting meg mouth while sleeping."

"Assrace" Search

If you only remember single-words stuff, like objects, people's names, or events - just type them and search.
Example: assrace.

"Farting" Search

Note: This search will be the last to work properly. I will add scripts only after all the other searches will apply on all episodes.
Remember a quote from an episode? Search for it!
Example: that's not funny.
Don't ask me why I picked this name. I had no idea how to name this one, and "Quote Search" sounds too, well.. "normal."
Hmmm. Can you count a fart as a quote?

"I Must Be Shrooming" Search

This type is mostly for those of you who were high while watching the episode. When you don't even remember what you were laughing about, you can search for characters that appeared in that episode. In this case, it will be hard to find this specific episode because most of the episodes consist of the same characters, so try to write as many characters as you can, and try to remember characters that don't appear so often.
Sorry, this search is stupid.

Can't I just type the episode name?

You can search that way, but then you don't really need this Wikia now, do ya?

Example: Screwed The Pooch.

Another Example: Season 2 episode 5.

What can I do to help?

You can imagine how hard it is to do all this by myself. Before I published this, I wrote down all objects, characters, and stuff that appear on each episode. Can you imagine scripting every episode after doing that? This s*** is f***ed up right here!

So I'd like you to help me script episodes. It can be every episode you want. If you want to script an episode that's already scripted, please don't replace the whole thing. People worked hard on it. Just follow the text while you watch the episode and fix it if you find mistakes. Checking is also important.

Thank you, and have fun!

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