Fiark is the main character in Colors!


His backround is still unknown.

Season 1

Fiark's Hotel

It all starts inside Fiark's little house where he lives alone. That was the scene he first notice his Fire Color. Then suddenly, Hutz, the Grass Color storms in, and tells him the story about Planet Color, colors and Black. Fiark has a hard time beliving it, so they starts fight. They stopp and Hutz tells him about his dad. Fiarks listens and joins him in the battle against Black. Fiark gets shocked when he hears that it was only three against a thousands. The only heroes was Fiark, Hutz and Mizu, the Water Color. They travel to Fiark's Hotel to stay in hide, but hide and seek was over. Rock (Colors!), Thunder and Goku from the Black Army from the 6th Leuge found Fiark outside the Hotel. Rock had the Stone Color, Thunder had the Thunder Color and Goku had the Dragon Color. Fiark kill's Goku and Thunder, but Rock escapes back to the Black Lair. Fiark, Hutz and Mizu don't feel safe in the hotel so they escapes into the mountains.

Against the 5th Leuge

On the mountains they first have to face Kain, the 6th Leader and his members. They have to escape from Kain, and ends up at the mountain top. There they face the 5th Leuge. They all three have gone wild in a deadly battle and almost wins. Kain and Muro, the 4th Leader shows up and Fiark advances his first Kekkai Genkai. Every color has Kekkai Genkai. It's like a superform like Super Saiyan in Dragonball or the Kyuubi Chakra in Naruto. The Leaders have to escape. Fiark get's tired of escaping and fighting so he quits and escapes from Hutz and Mizu.

Season 2

The 4t Leuge

Season 2 starts whit Fiark at his hotel. He fast have to face the Black Army again. But this time, the 4th Leuge. He fights against Muro and advances the Level 2 and 3 of Kekkai Genkai, but Muro is too strong. Then after short time, Rock comes to rescue. The 6th Leuge had turned against the Black Army. Fiark and Rock work together against the 4th Leuge and kill's everyone of them, so the 4th Leuge is defeated. Axe-Raxe, the 5th Leader is now the 4th Leader. Rock runs back to his lair. Fiark wants to help Rock out from Kain's arms, so he runs after him. He also meets up whit Hutz and Mizu again, and a new adventure begins!

Kain and his Mansion

They travel in the desert and spottes the mansion. The break in and starts a new battle! Rock finds out Kain's secret and later turns against him. But it's not easy escaping from his mansion. He have to fight against his strongest elite, Miko(Sand Color). Fiark fights against Kaze(Wind Color), and Hutz and Mizu also finds a battle. Fiark kills Kaze and the others kills Miko. Kain and his childs comes and joins the battle. Fiarks anger get's bigger thinking of Rock been under Kain's arm. Rock offers Kain to kill him instead of killing Fiark, and he agrees to it, but Fiark doesn't let that happen. He rescues Rock and advances his Kekkai Genkai up to a new level. But he understands that doesn't help against Kain. He learns that higher levels just slows him, so he uses the power of the first form and wins over Kain. Kain's childs dies to. Another victory goes for Fiark and his friends, but they don't know what they have put theme selves in. The new 4th Leuge whit Raxe and co, is after them.


Fiark's Color Powers is the Fire Color. He's tekniques is amazing. He discovered his Fire Color in the first chapter.


  • Hutz
  • Goku
  • Thunder
  • Rock (Colors!)
  • Black's Army
  • Kain
  • Lengthy
  • Ninja
  • Raxe
  • 4th,5th,6th Leuges
  • Lengthy
  • Muro
  • Hana
  • Kain's Army
  • Kaze
  • Kain

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