Fictorians are the beings who inhabit the inside-out planet of Fictor. Despite being different, physically, they share a few similarities: alcohol is poisonous to them (some need it in high doses), tobacco is a powerful hallicinogen, they are each bonded with the Imagination River, and they are not given last names (their names are unique enough so that they can be distinguished perfectly. However, they bear clan names). There are twenty-four clans among the Fictorians, one for each letter of the alphabet. However, the W and Y clans were wiped out long ago. There are five main sub-species of Fictorian and six styles of Fictorian combat.



Fictoria Sapiens. Fictorians who bear the most resemblance to humans. They cannot perform jutsu, but their Imagination River abilities are some of the strongest.


Fictorians who are able to use jutsu. They are mostly humanoid, save the fact that they have monkey-like tails. Lunatic doesn't, seeing as his was amputated. Their abilities from the Imagination River are often the weakest, but they make up for it in ninja abilities. Lunatic's species.


Fictorians who bear resemblance to Mobian hedgehogs. Unlike their Mobian counterparts, they cannot roll and can grow to be a bit bigger. They often produce Spikes, who are Fictorians who gain large amounts of Imagination River. TLSoulDude's species.


Dracheraptor Fictorias. Fictorians that bear resemblance between velociraptors and dragons. Their abilities are based less on the Imagination River and more on their own anatomy. They have become rare of late. Dimensiondude's species.


Fictorians that look like crosses between rabbits and lemurs. Their fur comes in many shades, but it's not uncommon for them to have pink fur. Their Imagination River energy can be concentrated to high extents, making them the most powerful of the five sub-species. Despite their power, they are unaggressive. Ultimo the Ultima Master's species.

Fictorian Combat-Styles


Fictorian Snake-Style combat mainly revolves around their user's agility and able to deliver fast and powerful strikes. This is TL's preferred style of fighting.


Fictorian Wolf-Style combat mainly revolves around using your intelligence and ability to think on your feet. This is D-Dude's preferred style of fighting.


Fictorian Wolverine-Style combat mainly revolves on using scare-tactics and brute force. This usually helps people take on larger opponents. This is Lunatic's preferred style of fighting.


Fictorian Hawk-Style combat mainly revolves around jumping, delivering blows from the air, or aerial combat.


Fictorian Shark-Style combat mainly revolves around ambushes, surprise attacks, stamina, or marine combat.


Fictorian Dragon-Style combat is basically a combination of all other fighting styles. This is Blacknova's preferred style of fighting.

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