• Elmo as Stan
  • Oscar the Grouch as Cartman
  • Telly Monster as Kyle
  • Baby Bear as Kenny
  • Rosita as Wendy
  • Papa Bear as Stan's Grandfather
  • Fico as Jimmy
  • Carlos as Timmy
  • Green Anything Muppet Boy (from It Sure is Hot!) as Tweek
  • Fred the Wonder Horse as Chef
  • Horse as Token
  • Green Anything Muppet Guitarist as Mr. Mackey
  • Parker Monster as Mr. Garrison
  • Penguin as Mr. Hat
  • Cow and Chicken as Jimbo and Ned
  • Sheep as Butters
  • Pumpkin and Fat Blue Anything Muppet Singers (from Numero Comparsa) as Terrence and Phillip
  • Fat Blue Anything Muppet Violinst as Towelie
  • Lavender Anything Muppet Guitarist as Officer Brady
  • Pumpkin Anything Muppet Trumpeter as Priest Maxi

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