Fievel - The Treasure of Manhattan Island

He is a character from An American Tail.

As Aladdin in Fieveladdin

He is a prince.

As Robin Hood in Fievel Hood

He is an Hero who robs the Rich to help the Poors. At the ending he marries Olivia.

As Hercules in Fievelcules

He is an hero.

As Squirrel Wart in The Sword in the Stone (The Great Mark Version)

As Abu as a Toy in Olladdin

As Tombo in Olivia's Delivery Service

He meets Olivia and goes with her (sometimes).

As Nobita in Tigermon

He is a kid who getting in many troubles. He falls in love with Olivia Flaversham, he getting bullied by Tony and PJ, and needs help by Tiger.

[[ As Pinocchio in Fievelnocchio

[[ As Peter Pan in Fievel Pan

[[ As Pete in Fievel's Panther

[[ As Oliver in Fievel and Company

[[ As Taran in The Black Cauldron (Throwglitz Style)

[[ As Roquefort in The Aristocats (Ver.124)

[[ As Chicken Little in Fievel Little (a.k.a. Chicken Little)

[[ As Nemo in Finding Fievel (TheBluesRockz)

[[ As Stitch in Olivia and Fievel (a.k.a. Lilo and Stitch)

[[ As Bambi in Fievel (Bambi)

[[ As Dumbo in Fievdumbo and Fievel (a.k.a Dumbo)

[[ As Flynn Rider in Oliviapunzel

[[ As Bartok in Fievel The Magnificent

[[ As Harry Potter in Fievel Potter

[[ As Kitten Edmond in Rock-A-Tiger

[[ As John Smith in Oliviahontas

[[ As Quasimodo in The Little Mouse of Notre Dame and The Little Mouse of Notre Dame II

[[ As Shang in Olivialan

[[ As Tarzan in Fievelzan

[[ As Wart in The Sword in the Stone (Yenkys Version)

[[ As Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Fievel Mousekewitz?

[[ As Kuzko Llama in Oliver's New Groove and Luke's New Groove

[[ As Young Thumper in Jeremambi

[[ As Dimitri in Oliviastasia

[[ As Kanzo Ninja in Fievel-Hattori

[[ As Michael Darling in Luke Pan

[[ As Flynn Rider in Oliviapunzel

[[ As Abu the Monkey in Dimitriladdin (Arthurrulez Style)

[[ As Prince Phillip in Sleeping Olivia

His Animated Crossovers Films

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