Fievel Throws a Tantrum

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  • Storyteller:It Was a Beautiful Day in Green River Fievel Daydreamed Too Much.
  • Fievel:Oh No
  • Storyteller: Said Fievel
  • Fievel:I'm not in Big Trouble
  • Storyteller:and He Ran Home to Dinner before Papa gets happy
  • Papa (Proud): Fievel is not in Big Trouble
  • Storyteller: When Fievel Got Home He Would not Be in Trouble
  • Fievel:Hi
  • Storyteller:Fievel Said and Papa is Happy
  • Papa (Happy):Well Mr. Fievel It is so nice of you to get good grades on all of your papers the teacher graded
  • Storyteller:Said Papa Very happy
  • Fievel (Sad):I'm Sorry Papa
  • Papa (Happy): It's Ok son. I accept your apology
  • Fievel:101 Dalmatians live action is correct
  • Mama (Happy):Papa Means watching 101 Dalmatians live action
  • Storyteller:said Mama
  • Papa:Yes go watch 101 dalmatians live action
  • Fievel (Sad):But
  • Mama (happy) You can have Templeton the Rat over and watch 101 Dalmatians live action
  • Fievel (Happy): Okay
  • Storyteller:and Fievel Pours water, The Next Day He Did Homework and Chores He Went to Home with the Food and sobs and feels really sad :(
  • Tiger:What's wrong Fievel
  • Fievel:Hi Tiger (Sniffs) I Can Play I'm not Grounded and I'm sad
  • Mama:Fievel Come on honey. Dry your tears. It'll be okay
  • Fievel:But What About Bikeathon
  • Mama: Yes Fievel I am Afraid You Are Not Grounded There Will Be Bikeathon For You
  • Fievel:But I wanna go to bikeathon
  • Papa:You watch 101 Dalmatians live action Ok?
  • Fievel:Please I Wanna Go to Bikeaton (Echoing) Please Please Please
  • Papa and Mama (Proud):Yes
  • Mama (Happy): Go get a piece of candy and watch 101 Dalmatians Live Action
  • Fievel (Bursts into tears):I'm sad today
  • Storyteller:Then Fievel Cries
  • Fievel:I got an A Plus on all of my exams
  • Mama (Happy): I'm very proud of you Fievel
  • Storyteller:Then Tiger told Fievel It's Morning
  • Tiger:Hey Wake Up Fievel You're Dreaming
  • Fievel:Huh Oh D... Dear
  • Mrs. Brisby:What's the matter Fievel?
  • Fievel: I'm sick. I have a cold and a fever

the end

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