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Fievel and Marie became Friends for Life
 is an animated crossover film. It serves as the origin of it's new series Hidden Chronicles. The crossover movie is also an happy and dramatic story. The crossover movie will be released in the near future.

This is a crossover movie who maked with movies crossovers:

  • An American Tail
  • The Aristocats
  • The Black Cauldron
  • Aladdin
  • Bambi
  • The Jungle Book
  • Robin Hood
  • Pinocchio
  • The Secret of NIMH


On a sunny day, Fievel was going to walk with Tiger. Three hours later, Tiger met a small and white female kitten that was lost, her name is Marie. Marie wanted to return to his mother. Then he said, hello. And she answered hello to Tiger. After Tiger and Marie are known. After Marie heard a funny smell about it, he felt the smell of Fievel. After Marie meets Fievel, soon after they are seen were frightened and screamed. Marie had so much fear of Fievel, but Tiger explained that he was not a monster, a spider, a beetle, or a ghost. But Marie said that Tiger is a big liar, and also said that it is a fat cat. But Tiger was so angry with Marie because he had offended him, and Marie after she started to cry again and said that he wanted to return to his mother. An hour later, Marie has rethought and told Tiger that he was right. After a moment Orwen and Iago was thinking of implementing an evil plan. After Fievel went home to the Brisby family, and he said something to Mrs. Brisby, Fievel had told Mrs. Brisby that out there is a small and white female kitten that needed help, and Mrs. Brisby accepted his proposal. After Fievel and Mrs. Brisby went to Tiger and have met Marie again. After Orwen came and kidnapped Marie. At that moment, Marie asked for help to Fievel, Tiger, Tanya, Cholena, and Mrs. Brisby and then stopped the evil tiger Orwen, they takes her magic ball and traps inside her. After Marie sees his mother. Duchess thanks to Tiger, to Fievel, Tanya, Cholena, and Mrs. Brisby have saved Marie. After Marie, Duchess, Toulouse, Berlioz and Thomas O'Malley felt happy after a day of adventure. Eventually Marie and Fievel diventarno good friends and play together every day and when they want.


FIEVEL: Hey Tiger. Can we take a walk?

TIGER: Yes, Fievel.

FIEVEL: Do you like have Friends?

TIGER: Yes! I like a lot!

Marie was crying because she gets lost, and she wants to stay with his mother.

TIGER: Hi! My little dear.


TIGER: How are you?

MARIE: I'm fine.

TIGER: Why are you crying?

MARIE: I'm crying because i'm lost, and i want to come back to my mother. I don't want to stay alone!

Marie continues crying.

TIGER: Don't cry, my dear. I'm sure that will meet her. My name is Tiger. Who are you?

MARIE: I'm Marie.

TIGER: What?

MARIE: My name is Marie.

TIGER: Marie? That's a nice name.

MARIE: Yes. I'm hearing a funny smell about it!

TIGER: Really?

MARIE: I want to know what i'm smelling.

Marie approaches to Fievel. She was just sniffing Fievel and after...

Marie and Fievel screaming.

Marie and Fievel: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

MARIE: A Monster! A Spider! A Beetle! A Ghost! Help!

FIEVEL: A white and wild lion! Help! Heeeeeeelp! Mama! Papa! Help!

Marie runs to Tiger.

MARIE: Can you tell me who is that monster?

TIGER: Ah! Ah! Ah! He's not a Monster, a Spider, a Beetle or a Ghost. He's a Mouse, Marie!

MARIE: A Mouse? As a mouse? Should i believe you?


MARIE: Tiger! I'm really scared because of you! You're not a friend! You are nothing but a Big and Fat Liar!

TIGER: Shut up! Don't call me Big Fat Liar!

MARIE: You're so Bad and Ugly! I want my Mother!

After Marie restarts to crying.

An our after...

TIGER: Oh, Sorry!

MARIE: Sorry! Tiger! You was right! He is a Mouse.

TIGER: Hey Fievel! Don't be afraid!

FIEVEL: Who is that wild and white lion?

TIGER: She's not a Lion. She's a Kitten.



MARIE: Hey, little friend. How are you?

FIEVEL: I'm fine. Thanks. But, who are you?

MARIE: My name is Marie. I'm a white female kitten, and i'm finding my mother! I want my mother! Who are you?

FIEVEL: Fievel Mousekewitz.

MARIE: What are you doing Fievel?

FIEVEL: Nothing. We help you!

MARIE: Thank you!

And after...

ORWEN: Iago! Look the Magical Ball!

IAGO: Yes, Orwen! I'm looking that Ball!

ORWEN: The little white kitten is playing with a little mouse. Don't you think so?

IAGO: Yes! Yes! The little white kitten will be yours!

ORWEN: I absolutely want this little white kitten. Wait a moment! I have a plan in act.

IAGO:You will take the kitten, and I find her yourself! Is it OK?

ORWEN: Yes! It's a great idea! Iago!

Iago and Orwen laughing.

And after:

FIEVEL: Papa! Papa!

PAPA: What's up Fievel?

FIEVEL: Outside there is a kitten who needs help! Come on!

PAPA: A kitten? Which kitten?

FIEVEL: A little and female white Kitten needs help! Come on! Papa!

PAPA: Why should i come with you? Fievel!

FIEVEL: But you must come with me! You agree to come?

PAPA: Yes, Fievel! Yes!

FIEVEL: Thank you! Papa!

MAMA: Fievel! Papa! Where do you think you're going?

PAPA: We must find the lost kitten!

TANYA: Beware! It can be dangerous!

FIEVEL and PAPA: Mama! Tanya! Come on wit us! Please!

MAMA and TANYA: OK! Fievel! OK! Papa!

When they arrived to Tiger...

TIGER: Hi! Fievel!

FIEVEL: Hi! Tiger! Where is Marie?

TANYA: Marie? Who is Marie?

TIGER: Is a little white kitten! Tanya! Fievel! I don't know. She was here with meso far.


TIGER: Oh, no! Is Orwen! That wicked witch, with his parrot Iago! Come on Friends and save that kitten, Marie!

ORWEN: Hey! Fat Cat! Do you want your Kitten? Come and get it!

IAGO: Come and get it! If you want!

ORWEN: You'll never get it! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Orwen laughing!

TIGER: Give me Marie! I want her!

MARIE: Leave me alone! Stupid, bad and ugly witch!

Marie bites an arm at Orwen, and Orwen screams.

FIEVEL: Forget Marie! Stupid and Ugly witch!

ORWEN: You stay away to me little rat! (Orwen swallows his magic stick to Fievel)

IAGO: You heard what said the little mouse, Orwen? Leave her alone!

ORWEN: How dare you contradict me!

Tiger saves Marie and takes the ball to Orwen and traps inside her.

MARIE: Thank you for saving me, Tiger!

TIGER: It's all my doign, my little Marie!

MARIE: I want to go to my mother! Come on!


And after...

MARIE: Mom! Mom!

DUCHESS: Marie! You're back!

MARIE: I thought I wouldn't find yourself ever again!

DUCHESS: I was also very worried about you, my dear!

Duchess thanks Tiger, Fievel, Tanya, Mama, Papa and Iago for having saved Marie.

In the evening...

TOULOUSE: Marie! What had happened to you?

BERLIOZ: Marie! Why were you lost?

MARIE: Oh, brothers! It's a very long story! I went into the garden, then I went near the trash can. Then I lost them. And I called "Mom!" desperately, and then I started to cry. I felt alone at that time. After Tiger had arrived, and helped me find it. There were also Fievel, Tanya, Mama and Papa, a family of mice called Mousekewitz, there was also the parrot Iago! And the evil and ugly witch Orwen had me kidnapped and after they have saved me and after I found my mom!

THOMAS O'MALLEY: It was a sad story, but with a wonderful ending! Thank you, Marie!

DUCHESS: Thomas O'Malley! It's true what you said?

THOMAS O'MALLEY: Yes, Duchess!

And after...

FIEVEL: Hey Papa! Marie feels good after a tiring day. Don't you think so?

PAPA: Yes, Fievel! And now we come on back home.

Characters of the Movie Crossover

  • From An American Tail:
    • Fievel
    • Tanya
    • Yasha
    • Tiger
    • Tony (Cameo)
  • From The Aristocats:
    • Toulouse
    • Berlioz
    • Marie
    • Duchess
    • Thomas O'Malley
    • Scat Cat (Cameo)
    • Roquefort (Cameo)
  • From The Black Cauldron:
    • Orwen
    • Hen-Wen (Cameo)
  • From Aladdin:
    • Iago
    • Farouk (Cameo)
  • From Bambi:
    • Young Thumper
    • Friend Owl
  • From The Jungle Book:
    • Baloo (Cameo)
  • From Robin Hood:
    • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • From Pinocchio:
    • Jiminy Cricket (He was the narrator of the movie)

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