Fievel in the Hundred Acre Wood or sometimes known as Fievel in the 100 Acre Wood is a 2004 crossover film from The 100 Acre Wood series.


About like a year after the events of Winnie the Pooh and An American Tail - the Mouskewitz family had left America and moved to England where they found a new home in the 100 Acre Wood. Christopher Robin welcomed them to his house and they moved into the basement.

One day - a snow fall came to the forest. Fievel and Piglet went outside together untill they got to an icy lake where Piglet taught Fievel how to skate. Meanwhile - Fievel gets caught by a snow creature who is going to have him for supper. Piglet ran to get help. He found Winnie the Pooh and they sneaked up to the ice creature's home after they came crashing through with Piglet's balloon. However they got Fievel out of there safe.

Spring arrives. Fievel's parents told him to stay out of danger. It seems that Fievel's adventures were just starting. Elsewhere - Fievel met his friend Tony Toponi who also had moved in at the 100 Acre Wood. Tony told Fievel that there is an underground lair at the Caves where they could find treasure. Rabbit Tigger Eeyore Piglet and Pooh secretly find out about what the two mice were up to. So - They join up with Woody the Cowboy Slinky Dog Rex Potato Head Hamm Jessie the Cowgirl and Buzz Lightyear to follow after them. Once they all got to the Caves Pooh tried to convince Fievel about the dangers when They all went through a number of Booby Traps! The group crashed into a village where Indian Mice lived. The animals and the toys introduce themselves to the indians and they befriended the Chief and his daughter Cholena. Anyway - Fievel asked Cholena if she would like to see the upper world.

Fievel Tanya and Tony are having fun with Cholena. but then - Pete the Cat is plotting to invade the hundred acre wood. Pete's men invaded every mouse hole and rat nest searching for Cholena. Pete found Cholena. but was stopped by Tony and Fievel. After the escape - Cholena was brought back to the village safe.

Woody and the toys teamed up to save Fievel from an evil Spider named Scroop. Woody and Buzz set off to find him. At the Caves - Fievel encountered Scroop the Spider. Woody and the others arrived to save him. After Woody defeated Scroop - the heroes realized that Pooh bear is chased by Pete in town. In the struggle - Goofy arrived with a friendly Dinosaur - defeated Pete and saved Pooh.

Fievel reunites with his family and they went home in the basement. At Tree Hill - Pooh thanked Woody for bein his friend and helped Fievel saved the 100 Acre Wood. Fievel looked through a foldable telescope - Cholena and her father disappearing into a hidden door at the foot of a statue. This pleases Fievel.

Cast of Characters

  • Fievel Mousekewitz - the little mouse boy and the story's main character. Fievel teams up with Tony as they searched for Hidden Treasure. But the only thing he finds more glorious then treasure is Cholena.

  • Woody Pride - the cowboy who joins up with Pooh and Buzz to save the 100 Acre Wood. Woody used a Sword to fight with dangerous enemies. In the begining of the film - Woody asked Buzz that he met Fievel and Woody remembers that Fievel Saves The World and he even goes To Infinity And Beyond.

  • Buzz Lightyear - the Space Man who is Woody's buddy

  • Pooh Bear - the friendly bear who is best friends with Fievel. In the story's conclusion - Pooh asked Woody that he is worrying about Fievel growing up. But Woody answers by saying that if Fievel does grow up They will always be there for him. Pooh thanked Woody for bein a true friend.

  • Tiger the Cat - the only cat who befriended the Mousekewitz family. He is voiced by the legendary actor Dom Deluise.

  • Tony Toponi - Fievel's best friend.

  • Cholena - the indian princess who is a new friend of Fievel's. She lived in an underground village with her tribe.

  • Pete - the main antagonist. He plotted to capture Cholena. But when Cholena is brought back to her village - Pete discovered Pooh Bear and he pursuited him to Spoonerville. Pete is defeated when Goofy brought a Dinosaur who blows Fire at Pete sending him zooming into the air and crashed onto the ground knocking him out.

  • Scroop the Spider - the secondary antagonist. Scroop is a demonic Spider like creature who is also plotting to get Cholena. He was killed by Woody who strike him with his sword sending him falling down a bottomless pit.

  • Goofy - a friend of Pooh's. He befriended a dinosaur named Bubbles.


  • Mickey Mouse was originally going to be one of the stars in the Crossover. But however his protagonist role has been replaced with Woody Instead.

  • Master Yoda is once mentioned by Scroop the Spider as he prepares to kill Fievel. But was stopped by Woody.

  • In the final battle scene - Pete prepares to beat Fievel up with his club as he says Get Ready To Trounce! - which means He is going to attack Fievel.

  • In the Booby Traps sequence a musical number Angry Aztec from Nintendo's Donkey Kong 64 is used.

  • An Instrumental version of Kenny Loggin's song Your Heart Will Lead You Home can be heard in the movie's finale.

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