Fievel meets the Night of Monster (Tomarmstrong14 Style)

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tomarmstrong14's parody of Fievel meets the Night of Monster


  • King Arthur as Fievel
  • Queen Guinevere as Tanya
  • George as Tanya's Papa
  • Joan as Tanya's Mama
  • Baby as Yanya
  • Tom the Cat as Tiger
  • Skeleton (T,JyE Rooke) as A Scuttlebutt
  • Mr. Toad (T,JyE Rooke) as Police Chief McBrusque
  • Jiminy Cricket as Scuttlebutt
  • Thomas the Tank Engine as Mr. Grasping
  • Humbug (the Phantom Tollbooth) as Scuttlebutt Ten
  • Marv and Joe as O'Bloat and Toplofty
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Grasping's Evil
  • Taran as Tony
  • Other peoples are Mices
  • Ogee Rooke (T,JyE Rooke) as Cholena
  • the Black Knight as Cholena's Father

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