• Lucario
  • Buddy
  • Coco
  • Pikachu


  • Lucario: Let the campaign BEGIN!!!

My platform has only one plank:

Humans STINK and they always STANK!!

  • Buddy: Well my platform has one plank too:

Without humans there'd be no YOU!!

  • Lucario: They created us so they could destroy us!
  • Buddy: But if they hated us why would they employ us?
  • Lucario: They're wasteful distasteful and mean!
  • Buddy: Hey! Kindest creatures I've ever seen!!
  • Crowd: Couth or uncouth? This really is a revolt! Is human a friend or foe?

Albeit the truth lies somewhere in the middle

Closer to good!

Closer to bad!

  • Coco: Depending on who you know!
  • Lucario: The power is in the wrong hands!

It's time that we make our OWN demands!

  • Buddy: But power's a weak person's crutch

What we need is a human touch!

  • Lucario: We're not falling for mindless admiration!
  • Buddy: I'm just calling for real cooperation
  • Lucario: With humans who cheat
  • Buddy: Who smile
  • Lucario: Who overeat
  • Buddy: They give you caresses
  • Lucario: The fight and make messes
  • Buddy: They struggle and toil
  • Lucario: They smell like a camel
  • Buddy: They're thrifty and loyal
  • Lucario: They scratch your enamel
  • Buddy: A a champ!!
  • Lucario: You sound of them!!!

It's humans who twist and distort!

  • Buddy: Does he seem like the evil sort!?
  • Crowd: Clear or unclear? We don't have much to go on! Is human a beast or not?

Everyone here would like to get the show on!

Should we pity him?

Should we pity him?

  • Coco: Let's give him a little talk!
  • Pikachu: Pika! PikaPi! Pi...NICE!!
  • Crowd: NICE!?
  • Lucario: Don't fall for that goody-good flop!

Nice is nice but it's human stuff!

  • Buddy: Video games! Let us unit!

Nice is nice and what's more it's right!

  • Buddy and Lucario: Fight!



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