Fighter kites

Introduction to the fighter kites world: origin, history, culture, modern fighters...

Fighter types

Introduction to the variuos fighter types, including the traditional fighters vs. American fighters, materials, performance, etc.

Carrying fighters

Introduction to the fighter cases aspects, including solutions and problems, materials, sizes and various considerations.

Tuning fighters

Introduction to the fighter tuning methods and practices, including aspects such as: sails, bows, spine, materials, weight, size, bridle, stiffness, flexibility, balance, spinning, wind, pull, shape, ratio.

Flying fighters

Introduction to fighter flying techniques and methods. Field flying and indoor flying.

Fighter safety issues

Fighters and weather issues

Introduction to fighters and weather factors regarding the fighter kites in various weather conditions, including: humidity, zero wind, low wind, medium wind, high wind, rainy.

Fighters games and competitions

Introduction to fighters games and cometitions with fighter kites.

Constructing and fixing fighters

Introduction to fighter construction and fighter fixing, including tools, accessories, materials, assembly techniques, fixin techniques.

Decorating fighters

(patching, painting, bleaching, markers)

Fighter Components

Introduction to the fighter components, including:

Spines Bows Spars Battens Sails Tails Reinforcements Bridles Lines Reels

Miscellaneous tips

Fighter decoration ideas

Fighter plans and templates

Fighter association and clubs

Fighter books

Fighter events

External links

1. [1] North American Fighter Kite Association

2. [2] Fighter Kite Central

See also

Fighter lexicon

The fighter lexicon contains all common terms and notions used by the fighter pilots community.

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