Fighting a Friend Part 1

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A Shocking Revealation

Bruno: I just... I just remembered everything.

Ash: Huh?

Bruno: The entiriety of this mission that has been handed to me.

Ash: Mission?

Bruno: The opponent you must face here...

Ash: GASP!

Bruno: Is me!

Ash: Bruno?! You were Vizor?!

Antinomy: My true name is Antinomy. And I am the protector of the third gear and the Arc Cradle.

The Battle Doom Course

Ash: Whoa! We're in...

Antinomy: This is a fitting scene for my last time facing you and your demise. Its a "Doom Course". Look.

Ash: That's a...

Antinomy: The loser will be swallowed by that star. Unless one of us burns, we can't leave. So either fry or be fried! Lets go Ash Ketchum.

Both: Battle!

Ash: AAaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Antinomy: The loser will be scorched by the flames. Your only way out is to win this battle. Go Gible.

Ash: Go, Inferape!

Antinomy: Now go Gible and tune with my Staraptor. Limit release go! In creation okay! Go! Poke Synchro! Come on! Hyperon! Use Hyper Cyber Flash!

Ash: AAAAGGGHHH!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Huh? Palkia?

Antinomy: Ash! If you weren't fast enough or if Palkia hadn't protected you, you would have burned to a crisp before we even begun the battle.

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