FilmFair fun is a VHS Was Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and NCH in 1990, Favourites Like Paddington Bear, The Herbs, The Perishers, The Adventures of Parsley, The Wombles, Moschops, The Gingerbread Man, Hattytown Tales, Huxley Pig, Portland Bill, Nillie The Elephant and The Dreamstone


  • Paddington Bear - Trouble At The Wax Works
  • The Herbs - Parsley and the Circus Lion
  • The Perishers - In The Cart
  • The Adventures of Parsley - The Quiz
  • The Wombles - Running Out of Steam
  • Moschops - Moschops's Garden
  • The Gingerbread Man - Sleek the Mouse
  • Hattytown Tales - Going Fishing
  • Huxley Pig - Huxley Pig Going Flying
  • Portland Bill - The Lost Key
  • Nillie The Elephant - Nillie the Theater Star
  • The Dreamstone - The Robo Bird

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