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FFDynamics is a small community-based RPG based on Final Fantasy on the GameFAQs message boards, created by fsablazingsoul. Thus far, it has spanned 41 topics and has 20-30 active players spread out amongst the six starting classes in the original Final Fantasy. It has gotten a following amongst the denizens of that message board, leading to several people creating accounts simply to play in the game.


See Main Article: Storyline

See Main Article: Quests

The story began in Coneria (as in the game), and has progressed through Pravoka and Elfland. However, several events have been added into FFDynamics that were not in the original Final Fantasy (such as a legion of Imps harassing Coneria, civil strife in Pravoka between Mohawk Man's guild of thieves and Bikke's pirates, Astos trying to take over the Kindgom of Elfland, an arena for gladiatorial combat in the Dwarven Caves, etc.). Most characters also have their own personal backstories which, at any given time, may put them in battles with other rivals or get them on their own sidequests, which are in most cases not related to the main plot of FFDynamics. Of course, there are omissions as well as additions. One deviance from the original story is that there are not four specific “Light Warriors,” (though the PCs may all collectively be considered Light Warriors) and the Crystals reside at their Elemental Altars, rather than being carried by various Light Warriors from the beginning.

The following is a list of threads that the game has spanned (note: A few titles have been improvised here to make them more descriptive):

Final Fantasy Dynamics: Main Engine

Final Fantasy Dynamics 2: Reloaded

Final Fantasy Dynamics 3: Pravoka

Final Fantasy Dynamics 4: Pravoka II

Final Fantasy Dynamics 5: Pravoka Finale

Final Fantasy Dynamics 6: Armada

Final Fantasy Dynamics 7: Dwarves and Elves

Final Fantasy Dynamics 8: Dwarves and Elves II

Final Fantasy Dynamics 9: Labyrinth

Final Fantasy Dynamics 10: Forsaken

Final Fantasy Dynamics 11: Foreboding

Final Fantasy Dynamics 12: Invasion

Final Fantasy Dynamics 13: Siege

Final Fantasy Dynamics 14: Crown Jewels

Final Fantasy Dynamics 15: Terror

Final Fantasy Dynamics 16: A Crowning Achievement

Final Fantasy Dynamics 17: Revolution

Final Fantasy Dynamics 18: Retaliation

Final Fantasy Dynamics 19: Liberation

Final Fantasy Dynamics 20: The Battle For Elfland

Final Fantasy Dynamics 21: Let Astos Eat Cake

Final Fantasy Dynamics 22: Ask Not For Whom the Rub Tolls; It Tolls For Thee

Final Fantasy Dynamics 23: Astos

Final Fantasy Dynamics 24: Aldi Sea Farewell Tour

Final Fantasy Dynamics 25: Pathfinders

Final Fantasy Dynamics 26: Deluge

Final Fantasy Dynamics 27: Evolution

Final Fantasy Dynamics 28: Pursuit

Final Fantasy Dynamics 29: The Black Dawn

Final Fantasy Dynamics 30: Ebon Tide

Final Fantasy Dynamics 31: Post-Apocalyptica

Final Fantasy Dynamics 32: Renaissance

Final Fantasy Dynamics 33: The Rotting Earth

Final Fantasy Dynamics 34: Dies Irae

Final Fantasy Dynamics 35: Memento Mori

Final Fantasy Dynamics 36: Descensus Averni

Final Fantasy Dynamics 37: X Dies At The End

Final Fantasy Dynamics 38: WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY

Final Fantasy Dynamics 39: Archaeology

Final Fantasy Dynamics 40a: Crescent Lake?

Final Fantasy Dynamics 40: Terminus Est

Final Fantasy Dynamics 41: Via Dolorosa

Final Fantasy Dynamics 42: A la Carte

Final Fantasy Dynamics 43: Magica Escura

Final Fantasy Dynamics 44: Sagely Intrigue

Final Fantasy Dynamics 45: Funerary March

Final Fantasy Dynamics 46: Lake of the Crescent Moon

Final Fantasy Dynamics 47 - Tribulations & Calamities

Final Fantasy Dynamics 48: All Sages Day

Final Fantasy Dynamics 49: Revival

Final Fantasy Dynamics 50: Gold

Final Fantasy Dynamics 51: Turnabout Lukahn

Final Fantasy Dynamics 52: Aestuo Vires

Final Fantasy Dynamics 53: Sages vs Magi

Final Fantasy Dynamics 54: Execution

Active Characters

See Main Article: Active Characters

FFD currently boasts a roster of 30 active characters, with the following class breakdown:

Fighters: Max, Keeo, Rocco, Gareth, Magni (5)

Thieves: XScorpion, Rdy, ToST, Ancelyn (4)

Black Belts: Dave Mlinko, Pie, Mipe, Norris (4)

Red Mages: Atma, Undine, Dano, Renquist, Shaft, Rex, Magus, Jack (8)

White Mages: Guy, Spiralex, Selene, Iris, Manilow (5)

Black Mages: Obsidian, X, Arithon, Koran (4)

The following 18 characters have ceased to be active and are now retired. Their profiles can be found in the NPCs section.

Fighters: Bob, Luke, Mack, Heron, Chris (5)

Thieves: Fingers, Stephen, Riki, Bender (4)

Black Belts: Eric (1)

Red Mages: HIM, Hiro, Wark (3)

White Mages: John, Alphie, Lacuna (3)

Black Mages: muteki, Astarte (2)

The following is a list of when each character joined and left:

Final Fantasy Dynamics: Main Engine

Arrivals: HIM, muteki, Atma, Dave Mlinko, Fingers, Max, Bob, Guy, John

Departures: Fingers

Final Fantasy Dynamics 2: Reloaded

Arrivals: Stephen, Alphie, Obsidian, ToST, Eric

Departures: Alphie

Final Fantasy Dynamics 3: Pravoka

Arrivals: Undine

Final Fantasy Dynamics 4: Pravoka II

Arrivals: X, XScorpion, Keeo

Departures: HIM

Final Fantasy Dynamics 5: Pravoka Finale

Arrivals: Dano

Final Fantasy Dynamics 6: Armada

Arrivals: Arithon, Rocco

Final Fantasy Dynamics 9: Labyrinth

Arrivals: Lacuna

Final Fantasy Dynamics 10: Forsaken

Arrivals: Pie

Final Fantasy Dynamics 11: Foreboding

Arrivals: Renquist

[Topics 12 through 26 Incomplete: Departures missing from 27 onward]

Final Fantasy Dynamics 27: Evolution

Arrivals: Shaft, Rex

Final Fantasy Dynamics 35: Memento Mori

Arrivals: Magus, Bender, Selene, Gareth

Final Fantasy Dynamics 36: Descensus Averni

Arrivals: Jack

Final Fantasy Dynamics 37: X Dies At The End

Arrivals: Astarte


See Main Article: NPCs

Several NPCs from the original game have been fleshed out and given larger roles and new backstories, and other original characters have been added as well. There are indications that fsablazingsoul, the creator and operator of the game, may exist in some form of non-player incarnation. The following is a list of Locations and Story Arcs, along with a list of NPCs that correspond to each.

Coneria: Garland, Princess Sara, Rude Guard, Syd (based on the Invisible Lady), Arylon

Pravoka: Bikke, Mohawk Man, Crazy Alchemist, Matoya (technically in the greater Pravoka region)

Elfland: Elf Prince, Astos, Zaknafein, Alvin Simon and Theodore, Erdrick (Of Erdrick's Tomb), Agrias

Dwarf Cave: Dwarven Beastmaster, Dwarven Chef BORK

Atma's Arc: Kary, Nelietis

Dave Mlinko's Arc: Audrey, Dominic, Erin, Tenchi, Tanaka, WzOgre Who Travels With Dave, Doran, Krauss, Rick, Turncoat Dark Elves, Ward

Keeo's Arc: Keyser

ToST's Arc: DeTh, Arylon (II), Uber

X's Arc: Baron Owzer von der Hadouken III, Serges, Violen, Agile

Renquist's Entourage: Impa Limpas (introduced by Guy in an RP)

Spiralex's Arc: Azrael/Zalera/Entity, Sarda/Lich, Shell, Varucard, Virulent, Cedric


See Main Article: Locations


Leadership: Monarchy


Leadership: Uneasy balance between pirates and thieves


Leadership: Monarchy under Astos, King of the Dark Elves

Dwarven Village

Leadership: ???


Leadership: ???

Crescent Lake

Leadership: Council of Elders

Cinder Island

Leadership: None, seeing as it is completely trashed


Leadership: ???

New Content

See Main Article: New Content

Some extra characters, enemies, items, equipment, abilities, towns, and events were added into the game that were not present in the original FF.

Enemies: Wizard Imp, Albatross, Ninja Pirate, DE Knight, DE Archer, DE Wizard, DE Priest, DE Weaver, DE Lord, C'Eltine, Mimic, Virulent

Equipment: Scather, Kusanagi, Francisca, Cursed Copper Bracelets, Scorching Ring, Lupine Ring, Defense Ring, Ring of Might

Abilities: Defend, Block, Lock Picks/Mystic Key, INT Accuracy Boost

Events: Arena Tournaments in Coneria and Pravoka, The Forsaken Labyrinth


The Pravoka Accord

The Pravoka Accord was originally created as a response to the events in the 2v2 Tournament in Pravoka, where a couple Mute spells severely compromised the chances of victory for any mage group, as well as any hope to defeat Team Fighter. The Accord was meant to prevent the cheap incapacitation of anyone in tournaments, expanding from the spell Mute to also include instant-death spells, thereby providing protection for any class, provided they were signatory or did not know any of the mentioned spells.

When first introduced, it was unanimously adopted with the Pravoka Tournament fresh in everyone's memory. However, as time passed, and new characters joined who had not experienced the tournament, the Accord garnered few additional signatories. The Accord was disregarded in certain isolated circumstances in the Forsaken Labyrinth, but by and large, there were no tournaments in which it would have been relevant until the quasi-canonical Battle Royale tournament simulated in fsa's absence. During this tournament, a certain Red Mage used Mute against five other mages. While the offending Red Mage was not in fact signatory, his comments made it clear that his actions were in open defiance of the Accord. Following an extended discussion, it became clear that the Accord could no longer achieve sufficiently widespread support so as to be a viable concept, and was abolished shortly afterwards.

The text of the Accord is reproduced below:


On this day, August 24th in the year 2007 of our lord Bahamut, we have gathered to prevent another unjustified casting of the near-forbidden spell MUTE. These shall the be the provisions:

(1) The following White Magic spell is not to be cast during arena battles unless authorized by Provision 3: MUTE

(2) The following Black Magic spells are not to be cast during arena battles unless authorized by Provision 3: BANE, QAKE, RUB, BRAK, ZAP!, XXXX

(3) If someone breaks Provisions 1 or 2, it shall be fully acceptable to cast the spells mentioned therein on the caster (and ONLY the caster) for the rest of the battle.

(4) All who sign the Accord are fully authorized to cast the spells in Provisions 1 and 2 on people who have one of the spells in those provisions but have not signed the accords.

(5) Using an item to cast a spell covered in Provision 1 or 2 shall be treated the same as conventionally casting a spell in Provision 1 or 2.



Atma, Obsidian, Undine, Muteki, Guy, John, Bob, Dave Mlinko, Keeo, XScorpion, Eric, X, ToST, Arithon, Rocco, Stephen, Lacuna


The singular piece of inventory (besides some really delicious bread) being sold at the BIG AWESOME DRAGON!!!™ Juice Bar and Bakery (Est. 2008) in the Northwest Castle.

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