Connie knige orig

Original still frame of Connie with a knife

Here is the infamous image of Connie with a knife from the Stage6 picture gallery. Although this is technically a nightvision still from one of Hope's videos, we have not seen the video in question, so this is being filed under Photos.

Originally posted with the simple caption "she has a knife,"[1] Richard has this to say about the incident in question: In the sequence Hope is chased down by her mother who is [w]ielding a knife. I shared this footage with the police but they dismissed it. To me it shows a woman under the influence of something. What we are not sure. Hope got close to the answer but then was abducted.

Possible Implications

Connie knife enhanced

Image of Connie with knife, in negative color enhancement by f4d3

This clearly shows that not only was Connie acting out in unpredictable ways, but she was aggressively violent toward Hope. It is hard to gauge the full magnitude of the incident from a single from a dark, blurry, monochrome video.

--Earthian 04:34, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

At the right is a negative of the image. It has been enhanced in negative colors, which makes the edge of the blade somewhat more visible.

I did some research into what type of cameras shoot nightshot and it seems Sony cameras do. But what seems odd are the way in which the eyes are totally lacking pupils? It seems like Connie's eyes are rolled into the back of her head? Or her pupils are super dilated? I found this about Sony nightshot. --8sk 10 06:26, 9 October 2007 (UTC)



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