First Video Phone Call

The phone call audio begins in the video at 0:40 during which time Hope's mother Connie is heard to react to another voice, questioning if Hope can hear that. Dumping the audio from the video file and trimming down to the relevant parts of the audio file reveals that both stero tracks are almost perfectly identicle. With the exception of the left audio track partway through, this is where the whispering resides. The original audio can be found here[1].

Assuming the right channel was the clean pure original audio jbisset split the stereo into seperate mono tracks and inverted the right channel's audio canceling out Hope and Connie's covnerstation leaving only the whisper.

After amplification the whisper was still unintelligeable, until jbisset realized the audio could be backmasked. Reversing the playback reveal a clearly spoken "Leave the city", repeated several times with varying clarity. The processed audio can be found here [2]. Added by jbisset.



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