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  • Babe as Nemo
  • Horse as Marlin
  • Fly as Dory
  • Rex as Gill
  • Cow as Bloat
  • The Pink Poodle as Peach
  • Snoop as Bubbles
  • Landlady as Deb
  • Tug as Flo
  • Alan as Gurgle
  • The Hot Headed Chef as Jacques
  • Policeman 1# as Bruce
  • Ferdinand as Nigel
  • Farmer Hoggett as Crush
  • Mice 1#/2# as Squrit
  • The Vet as Mr. Ray
  • Horse's Brother as The Dentist
  • Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (from Sailor Moon,Sailor Moon R,Sailor Moon S Sailor Moon Super S And Sailor Moon Stars) as Darla
  • Vadla as Pearl
  • Soto (from Ice Age) as A Crab
  • Derek (from Barney & Friends) as Davey Reynolds
  • Harold (from Thomas & Frinds) as Mr. Tucker
  • Darby (from Pooh) as Barbara
  • Mario and Yoshi (from Mario) as Anchor and Chum
  • Rooster as Sheldon
  • Mice 3# as Tad
  • Emsa Hoggett as Coral
  • Zootie as Bob
  • Gordon (from Sesmae Street) as Bill
  • Pinic Bug (from The Wubbulous of Dr. Seuss) as Ted
  • Fulgy Floom as The Blue Whale
  • Other Farm Animals as Other Charaters
  • Baloo and Louie (from Jungle Cubs) as The Fisherman
  • Bull Turrier as Anglerfish
  • Sheep and Babe Animals as Jellyfishes and Seagulls
  • Easy as Gerald
  • Policeman 3# as Barracuda
  • Puppy 5# as Jimmy
  • Bob as Mr. Johnson
  • The Stary Dogs as Crush's Turtle

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